About The Difference Between Mp3, Mp4 And Mpeg4

Today, a customer asked me about the difference between MP3, MP4 and MPEG4. Then i do some research and wrote this article, to help more customers to figure out their puzzles about this.

as we know, the biggest disadvantage of MP3 player is that, you can just hear the voice, but you cannot see the icon.although in the market, there are many MP3 with color screen and large capability coming out.but most of them just can used to see pictures, and we cannot use it to enjoy the vedios, which is really a big pity for the customers who care about this. while, the MP4 is much better on this matter, and it has lot of entertainment functions, it is quite a promising thing is digital era, and compared with MP3 player,it makes a big progress.

at present, most of the international manufacturers take MP4 player as their dominating product, they add many popular functions into MP4 player.as a result, the ARCHOS company produced the AVA400, which is just like a palm cinema. the AV400 can be used to play vedios, voice, to record vedio,voice, to export vedios, and it has portable hard disk, can be used as a digital camera, thanks to those 10 fabulous funtions, AV400 wins the reputation of the omnipotent digital recreational king. meanwhile, other MP4 players in the market has abundant funcitons as well. therefore,the MP4 player becomes the representative and pionee of the muti-functional digital products.

however the emergence of MP4 is not to end the times of the MP3. the relationship between MP3 and MP4 is what to that of CD and DVD, there may be some conflict on their customers,but actually, the conflict is not too big.the MP3 players aim at the music lovers, and regarding to the effect of the music player, MP3 player is more splendid.whats more,the MP3 player is quite cheap, and in the recent years, the MP3 player is quite popular with the customers.while the MP4 player focuses on the vedio function and the digital recreation function, the develop of MP4 attaches more importance to the digital and entertainment era, thus, they two have different orientation.

now, the MP3 player manufacturing industry grows rapidly,and it will be gradually mature , and will form a large scale.while, the MP4 player is a little younger than MP3 in the market.since 2002, the ARCHOS company brought out the first MP4 player,many corporations thought it is quite promising, and can develops well. with the joining in of the manufacturers such as Sony, Microsoft and Samsung,the MP4 player industry has been experiencing good momentum of development. it becomes a new growth point of digital industry, even surpasses the MP3 player manufacturing industry.

as for the MPEG4, it refers to a Audio Format,it was brought out to the public on November of 1998.as a matter of fact, the international standard MPEG4, which was planned to put into use on January,1999, was not only pointing the vedio and audio code with a certain bit rate, but it thought much more of the mutuality and flexibility of the mutimedia system. MPEG-4 standar is mainly used in video phone, video email and electronic news, because there is no much request on the transferring speed for them, between 4800-64000bits/sec, the resolution ratio is 176144. the MPEG-4 utilizes a fairly narrow broadband,through the frame rebuilding technology, to comprass and transfer datas and acheive the goal of getting the best image quality with the fewest datas.